Monday, October 29, 2012

Hands Across the Water

Listening to the oldies on the radio as I drove to town this afternoon, I thought I heard a loosely based theme emerging. I don't think it was just random choices, it seemed that each song had a strong water based theme. It brought into even sharper focus, of course, the storm on the east coast and I thought of friends out there whose lives might be impacted by it. I just want you to know I'm thinking of you, that I'm hoping for the best along with you, but also hoping that you're prepared, well-stocked, as we all should be in this age of uncertainty, and that you and yours remain safe and warm.

This is the first song that popped up during my drive. I've always found it to be a fun listen. Here's to finding joy, even in the storm:

Painting by Winslow Homer


  1. Hello Teresa:
    With every news report that seems to become more alarming than the last, we too extend our hands out to those who may be in fear or difficulty. We, like you, are conscious that so many people whom we have never seen but feel we know and care for in the Land of Blog are currently under threat. We hold them close in our hearts and trust that the worst may soon pass.

  2. I too am here this morning reading to find out if all my bloggy friends are all right. Many of them are without power and we'll hear from them soon, I hope. :-)

  3. Dear Teresa, the song didn't come up for me, but I do so share your concern about those back east. I so hope FEMA is ready to go to work. Peace.

  4. I used to make fun of New York-based media for over-reporting on every big snowfall there, but this really is big, and the impact is pretty widespread.

  5. A good song for this day, Teresa, and a thoughtful post for all our friends in the northeast. WE do know a few folks impacted by Sandy; all are well but some have extensive damage.

  6. Prayers to the east coast! Quite an ordeal. I hope they get assistance quickly...hands across the water...haven't heard that song in decades. Hands across the sky.

  7. I think everyone in America has had the storm on their minds. It seems significant that it is the old songs that are the most comforting at the moment.

  8. Everyone over here has been glued to the television as's been a real horror story! The people I know via the internet are constantly in my thoughts, New York city is my favourite place, had my honeymoon there.
    Paul song is perfect.

    Hugs Jane x

    1. Thank you for you thoughts, Jane. And a hug to you.