Friday, February 28, 2014

Staying Sane But That's Just My Opinion

I now have had three of my micro-poetry readings featured on NPR's Minnesota affiliate, KAXE. I've added the links over on my poetry blog, at the individual posts for each poem, but decided to add them here, as well. I include the dates they were aired along with a direct link to each.

November 26th "Goat Man"

February 3rd "My Father's Thermos"

February 25th "On the Banks of the Knife River"

In other (related) news, I'm one of ten Minnesota poets who have been invited to participate in a live two hour broadcast on this same station on April 11th. I will give a link to this as the time nears if anyone would like to tune in.

It's been a long, cold winter and poetry is keeping me sane ... well, so far so good, I guess ...

Friday, February 14, 2014

A Little Bit of Light

When I think of all those who brought a bit of light and what they endured to do so, fighting their own demons along the way, I am most grateful to them. Their passing from this world was often as painful as the time spent here. I hope their hearts are at rest.

"Beasts Bounding Through Time"

Van Gogh writing his brother for paints
Hemingway testing his shotgun
Celine going broke as a doctor of medicine
the impossibility of being human
Villon expelled from Paris for being a thief
Faulkner drunk in the gutters of his town
the impossibility of being human
Burroughs killing his wife with a gun
Mailer stabbing his
the impossibility of being human
Maupassant going mad in a rowboat
Dostoevsky lined up against a wall to be shot
Crane off the back of a boat into a propeller
the impossibility
Sylvia with her head in the oven like a baked potato
Harry Crosby leaping into that Black Sun
Lorca murdered in the road by the Spanish troops
the impossibility
Artaud sitting on a madhouse bench
Chatterton drinking rat poison
Shakespeare a plagiarist
Beethoven with a horn stuck into his head against deafness
the impossibility  the impossibility
Nietzche gone totally mad
the impossibility of being human
all too human
this breathing
in and out
out and in
these punks
these cowards
these champions
these mad dogs of glory
moving this little bit of light toward

~ Charles Bukowski, from You Get So Alone at Times That It Just Makes

Painting: Landscape Under a Stormy Sky, Vincent van Gogh, 1888

Friday, February 7, 2014

I'm Next Door

If you're looking for me, I'm probably next door, at my micropoetry blog. Everything there gets winnowed down, reduced to the moment, or even the essence of the moment. It's been a cold winter ... hope you all are staying safe and warm.

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