Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ernest and Raquel and Ciber Toothed Tigers

Well, the wind's howlin' 'round the old cabin door tonight. I have about an hour of battery on this thing and then I'll be shut down. The lights went out while I was in the tub with my usual libation. I feel like Ernest Shackleton, one of my heroes, except he didn't have a computer, and was probably a hell of a lot colder than I am right now. Just a couple of differences.

I can stand the wind in small increments and then it becomes noisome. It makes some people do crazy things. I'm not one of them, not anymore. Right now, it feels kind of nice, cozy even. I have a candle on my right and a trusty flashlight, waiting for further duty, on my left.

I had just an hour or so ago, finished reading Bill's latest entry over at  about, among other things, our love of all things shiny, electronic gadgetry and all. I am guilty somewhat myself. I much prefer writing on my computer than writing it all out in longhand. I was decrying our lack of the strong connections we once had, now replaced with equipment that seems meant to keep people at bay. We act as though we're more connected when really we're less so. At least, for any real connection or communication to take place.

Now, I sit in the almost dark, one little candle, and I'm thinking, 'I think I like this.' For how long remains to be seen, but for right now, in this moment, with the wind howling outside and all around my house, I feel positively at peace. Yes, I'm writing on this infernal contraption, but there's something about this that seems almost primordial. Forgive my hyperbole, but it is a good feeling. Sort of like I'm in the back of the cave, the kids are sleeping, the old folks are snoring, and all is well with the world. Now, if I can just keep those darn saber toothed tigers at bay. God help me, I just spelled it ciber toothed. It's too late for me. Save yourself.

Top photos: Ernest and his ship, The Endurance.

Bottom: a severe case of wishful thinking.


  1. So Teresa, my questions long did you 'enjoy' your little adventure? and how long was your power off? I too like those moments but in small increments! I don't think I could have been Laura Ingalls in Little House on the Prairie...

  2. I think it's wonderful. And you must have some way to post your blog, but I'm not even going to ask how. It's just marvelous to read your writing about this, it makes me feel peaceful.

  3. Good Morning!
    My battery power remained for almost two hours, enough time to write, do some minor editing, and push publish. The electric popped back on about an hour later, shortly after I went to bed. I heard the furnace kick on and knew all was well.

    I've often thought I could do this, except for one not-so-small thing. I do love hot water coming out of the wall in a spigot. Of course, if necessary, we can adjust to anything and it would be okay. I was a big LHOP fan when I was a youngster.

    And, I'm so glad it made you feel peaceful, Jan. Hope life is starting to feel a bit more peaceful for your sister, as well.

  4. I used to drive my Mom crazy when I was little...I LOVED when the power went out, we got to eat cold sandwichs by candlelight and sleep in the living room in front of the fireplace. Every time it stormed, I would sit and devoutly wish for a power outage. Of course, not bathing was not an issue when I was 8. :)

  5. I too read Bill just a bit ago, he has a very nice charm in his writings. I think back in 1975 taking my first computer class drawing these terrible flow charts and wondering what I could maybe do in life to stay away from these creatures. Now in my 13th model, I think what would I do without them.I got spinach on sale yesterday and thought of a salad a friend made but couldn't find anything similar in my cookbook collection.Online, recipe found in minutes.As a kid i got a kerosene lamp and tried to read and do my homework with it, wondering how it would have been without juice to power our lives. Sometimes I light a few candles just to relax, but fall back on technology,empowered by that roar of cyber toothed tigers.

  6. Hi Li, I've always loved a good storm. Back then, bathing was a waste of time. I've changed. Really, I have.

    Steve,I didn't get my first computer until about 2 1/2 years ago. I do, however, spend more time outdoors than on it. I hope that never changes. I toyed with the idea of spelling cyber correctly, but had to go with my misspelling. It has its charms. :)

  7. Last summer we visited an Amish community. On the way home, I was thinking that, I could do that. I could live with no electricity...then reality set in. No microwave, dryer, curling irons, dishwasher, vaccuum cleaner, lights, computer, heater...ugh!!! Nope, couldn't do it. Glad you made thru the night!!!

  8. I actually could do without all those things. Have. I could learn to reheat my coffee in a pan on the stove, I do hang my laundry out in the snow-free months, don't use a curling iron, don't own a dishwasher (I'm the dishwasher), I vacuum only when company's coming (I do keep a neat house, though), could use kerosene if required, have a back up wood-burning stove and a good stash of wood, I sure would miss my computer, though. This does not make me a saint BTW, far from it, just cheap and perhaps a tad lazy. Thanks Lynn! Hope you go into the weekend with some good fun planned, or even some not so good :)

  9. I enjoy your reflections about engaging amidst the howling winds and sleeping family with the ciber toothed tigers... Entertaining post. I also appreciate your link to another wonderful site.

  10. Thanks, Paul. Glad you stopped by. I appreciate your comments.

  11. The wind is blowing
    the snow is snowing
    But I can weather the stormmmm. Etc

    Sounds very cozy to me.
    All tucked and waiting for the
    snow to come.
    Welcome home.......

  12. Snow is coming, it seems. More to the south, but a few inches here. I don't mind the snow, it's the bitter cold and steel gray skies that wear me down if I'm not careful. Let it snow...:) Thanks, Manzi.

  13. Ah, the blowing wind. We get a good deal of that and it is the one kind of weather that does not calm me. Sitting under many really tall fir trees, that fall at times. Makes me a bit whippy. Caged mouse on a wheel whippy. There is a lovely peace that descends when the power goes out for awhile. I'm with you on the warm water. Miss our old wood stove for keeping some warmed up during power outages.
    Hugs, Chris

  14. Chris, There's something about it that can be unnerving when it blows for extended periods. I think of the book by Michener, Centennial... there were folks that didn't handle it well at all. Whippy. Yes.