Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another Day in Santa Fe

Early this afternoon, I stopped in at the gallery and studio of my friend, Theo, a potter here in Santa Fe. He's just off Second Street, on Lena, a small community of artist's tucked into a side street. I've always liked picking out new pottery to bring home with me. He makes beautiful pieces, from large vases to tea cups. Eating rice and veggies out of one of his bowls makes the meal that much more tasty.

We had a nice visit about a variety of topics, but we always seem to gravitate toward movies, a favorite for both of us. One of the things I like about Santa Fe is the great selection of films available, from mainstream to foreign and independent, as well as some interesting documentaries. This afternoon, I chose one from the mainstream, "The King's Speech."  What a good film it is. I shed more than a few tears over the story and the look at history it provides. Very fine performances by everyone.

Yesterday, I went to see "The Fighter." It's based on a true story about a boxing family, and a less than pleasant one at that. It wasn't always easy to watch, but Christian Bale is beyond good, I was mesmerized by his performance from the opening scene. Not one false moment. I watched him and Mark Wahlberg, as well as the director of the film, on Charlie Rose awhile back and I was very impressed. Despite his bad boy image, he was gracious and thoughtful, and the conversation amongst the four of them was very interesting.

On my way back from the theater, I stopped at Sunflower Farmers Market, a small natural grocery chain that came to Santa Fe about a year ago.  So tonight, I'm going to have some sushi in my new bowl. Last year, Theo was in Minnesota for a pottery conference and while visiting friends near Duluth he found some clay along the shores of Lake Superior. He made this bowl from it. I love the swirls and the bits of green glaze.

Every day I think, 'Maybe tomorrow I'll head home,' but I can't seem to leave. I'll probably hang out in Santa Fe a couple more days....


  1. It sounds like Santa Fe is your home of sorts. I can understand your reluctance to leave.

  2. Just put a hold on some Rumi at the library. I find I rather like these quotes. Thanks for the link to the pottery've found my weakness! I love pottery...thanks for sharing the site.
    I'll be sad to see you leave Sante Fe...I've enjoyed vicariously traveling with you. It's been a wonderful adventure...very colorful both photos and people you been able to show us.
    But then I guess white's a pretty color too. Be careful on your journey's icy up here.

    This is the second time I've seen a Proust quote today....guess I'll revisit his book.

    peace and love

  3. I really enjoyed the King's Speech as well. A superb film, which avoided being either dull or saccharine. DOES taste better when it's eaten from a lovely bit of art, although I have a piece or two which I never use because I'm such a clumsy dish washer :)

  4. My wife and I love unique pottery bowls as well. Glad you are enjoying some great films and experiences.

  5. Linda, Yes, it is a home to me still. I will be just as happy to return to Minnesota and Lonewolf, but not yet...

    Karen, I'm so glad you're enjoying traveling with me. It makes it more fun to be able to share my experiences.

    Li, So nice to hear from you. I am always glad when the bowls are washed and back in their place. :) I agree, the movie was not at all saccharine or dull, as you mentioned. The acting was so good, that I could feel the king's deep fears as he stammered. Thank you for commenting!

    Paul, Thank You!

  6. So cool you got a bowl with clay from your home state.

  7. When I was in Bellingham, WA there was a Fairfield district that had an assortment of art shops. One I went back over this last week has 40 potters all in the same building with their studios in the uppper floors. It was fun to always find something new there.

  8. Linda, Yes, a nice aspect to it.

    Steve, That sounds like a fun place. Potters, like many artists, create some fine, supportive communities out of their mutual creativity.

  9. I love the look of your bowl..and can about feel it. I love the feel of earthy pottery. I chose not to go to see The Fighter. Now, I just might. Thank you.

  10. Joan, An interesting story about our human experience with good acting, no matter the vehicle or storyline, always works for me. And, I too, love that earthy feel in pottery.

  11. I have enjoyed your visit to SF so very much. It's always good to get home, but'll be there when you get there! I'm always sad when I leave SF. When I start to notice white or beige homes, sunflower art, Taco Bell...I know I'm back in Kansas.

  12. Hello Teresa! That bowl has a wonderful warm colour. Seems like it's a lovely place to be in Santa Fe. Now.
    The name has a special appeal, also to someone like me in a little, cold north European country. Santa Fe - old westerns, romance, cowboys, horses, old railways with smoking locomotives, rich Spanish grandes dressed in black with huge ranches, Mexican bandits with big moustaches and revolvers, senoritas with mantillas, desolate cities and tough sherifs,red cliffs in the desert, hot sun and lack of water...rattle snakes and skeletons of cattle in the sand and grave sites with wooden crosses......??? `) Maybe it's a little different today.......
    Grethe ´)

  13. Hej Teresa! I have read about Santa Fe on Google and found out of course that my memory is painted by memories about old movies. How ignorant can I be? Hehem!!

    It is very interesting that it is such an important art centre.

    I didn't know that D.H. Lawrence had lived there. He said something about: Touch the country and you'll never be the same again!

    So, dear Teresa, have a nice time in lovely Santa Fe.

    Grethe `)

  14. Lynn, I'm heading out soon, but I think I'll spend a longer time next year. There is something sad about leaving SF, it has such a good vibe.

    Grethe, You are not far off the mark with your description. Many of those things are still here. There is a romantic old west feel to it, with cowboys and horses, still a lot of history to be explored. And yes, small wooden crosses and animal skeletons in the desert. All true. Big ranches and red cliffs.

    D.H. Lawrence along with many other writers spent time in SF and Taos. It has been an art center for almost 100 years now, in varying degrees. It really is a splendid place to be. Thank you, Grethe!

  15. I would LOVE to be in Santa Fe with you! I love Taos too, even though I have been to those places only once. I am grateful that I got to get the feel of the desert and the thriving arts that bloom there.

  16. I smiled when I saw Katherine Bowling at the top...memories of a lovely post you did.

    Linda Starr's right, a beautiful bowl made from clay near your home is really nice. A Kodak memory of Santa Fe that will be at home when you return. New Mexico must truly be the Land of Enchantment as no wants to leave a beautiful sunset.

  17. In the area in which I live there is a plethora of glass blowers and potters. I have learned that there is no end to what can be created with either of these art forms. The fact that many pieces have a utilitarian use is just magic to me. Art in the real world! Wow!

    Thanks for the movie tips, I will try to check at least one of them out.

  18. Ms. sparrow! Yes, the arts that bloom there. So good to hear from you!

    Kittie! I will never tire of seeing Katherine's beautiful paintings.
    The sunsets there are almost astonishing. They encircle the evening sky.
    I love using the bowls for my meals. It makes them even more special.

    Bill, Glass enchants me as much as the pottery, both made from the elements.
    I love using art in these very practical ways. It sings!
    Your latest posting is nature writing at its finest. Beautiful.

  19. Hi Teresa!

    Thanks for visiting the other day...& for your post! Always great to see you. I just spent the weekend creating a blog for myself & my work:

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  20. Theo! What a nice surprise! I look forward to checking out your new blog. You're such a fine writer, with keen observations and insights. Have fun with it! T

  21. Teresa,
    I've been looking forward to seeing both of those movies. Thought it might be this holiday weekend but we were visited by friends which is even better. Really appreciate your thoughts on the films. Love Theo's glazing. A good number of fine moments in you journey lass! I like knowing we have left footprints on the same ground. Shared sights.
    Hugs, Chris

  22. It was a fine journey. I thought of you and our shared love of these places. Thanks, Chris!