Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Tilting Barn of Memory

"At the Post Office"

The line is long, processional, glacial,
and the attendant a giant stone, cobalt blue
with flecks of white, I’m not so much
looking at a rock but a slab of night.
The stone asks if anything inside the package
is perishable. When I say no the stone
laughs, muted thunderclap, meaning
everything decays, not just fruit
or cut flowers, but paper, ink, the CD
I burned with music, and my friend
waiting to hear the songs, some little joy
after chemo eroded the tumor. I know flesh
is temporary, and memory a tilting barn
the elements dismantle nail by nail.
I know the stone knows a millennia of rain
and wind will even grind away
his ragged face, and all of this slow erasing
is just a prelude to when the swelling
universe burns out, goes dark, holds
nothing but black holes, the bones of stars
and planets, a vast silence. The stone
is stone-faced. The stone asks how soon
I want the package delivered. As fast
as possible, I say, then start counting the days.

~ David Hernandez

I took the photograph at a farm that has since disappeared into memory.


  1. Teresa -- Wherever the barn was I hope it is only in your memory that it has disappeared. It is a lovely photo and sure supports the words of the meaningful poem of David Hernandez. thanks for the poem -- one that I intend to save in my collection. -- barbara

    1. The barn is gone along with the farm. Removed, as though it never was, which is very sad. I have long had a dream of all the farms across this good land rising again.

      We shall see....

      Isn't it a marvelous poem?

  2. The stone laughs
    knowing that everything is perishable.

    What a wonderful thought.


  3. Wow. Powerful. Awesome. Thanks.

  4. The stone is a reflection of the author.

  5. Luv the barn photo and the poem. "Everything is perishable"

  6. I love knowing that I can come here, Teresa, and know I will find prose and poetry, painting and pictures that will inspire, challenge, and leave me wanting to find out more.

    That is one fabulous photo and yet another piece of poetry and poet to look into.

    1. I like to share what interests me, and it's always nice when I know that others share in my delight in the world. As do you, dear Penny.

  7. I really love the photo. I'm often interested by semi derelict places and I always hope they will be renovated. Yet, if they are renovated they often lose their charm

    1. If it has the word "abandoned" in front of it, I want through to see it, take some photos, remember...and, I agree, renovation all too often destroys that which we found most charming.

  8. I like the greens and reds in your photo Teresa. It looks nice and Christmassy! :)
    Hope you are having an awesome November!
    xo Catherine

    1. You Christmas girl you! Have a wonderful November preparing and planning!