Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Learning to Fly 10,000 Miles

It's a transformative experience to simply pause instead of immediately filling up the space. By waiting, we begin to connect with fundamental restlessness, as well as fundamental spaciousness.
 ~ Pema Chodron

Last night I slept in Taos, New Mexico, and I will again tonight. Perhaps I'll then move on to Santa Fe or back to Minnesota. I don't know. All I know or need to know is this is where I am, where I believe I'm supposed to be right now. It feels right.

I've never watched the movie, "Fly Away Home."  A few nights ago I came across this clip in a seemingly haphazard fashion I cannot retrace, looking for one thing and finding another. Perhaps it was one of those times when I was led to see what I needed to see. What I know for certain is I felt at peace watching and listening. It reminds me of that wonderful film, "Winged Migration."  I love the images, the ideas - so sweet and beautiful - and Mary Chapin Carpenter's song, "10,000 Miles," is the perfect accompaniment. It just feels apropos to my life right now. Metaphors and messages. Listening and being. I hope you experience a similar sense of peace.



  1. Lovely.

    You're in Taos and your next destination is maybe Santa Fe or maybe Minnesota. How impressive, your spontaneity and willingness to go where you are led.

  2. I remember that movie. It was beautiful. Is that where you are, flying with the ducks? You are a brave warrior, so far from home. I'm having procrastination pangs getting from Bozeman to Helena. Safe journey where ever the wanderlust takes you.

  3. Went to one of my webcams favs to see what the day looked like in good ole Taos...looks like a bluebird day to me. Then, went to The Collectors Guide to Art in NM web site and looked in on some of my fav galleries. ooohhh my! The colors!!! Now if I could only eat something with green chili in it and feel some of the fibers at this yarn/weaving/knitting store I love...I could be there...well almost! Ooh and a visit to a spa, and almost forgot a pinon scented fireplace. I guess I'm just dreaming and a tad jealous... xoxox Enjoy your visit and keep us posted.

  4. Such a wonderful post. I love it that you are allowing peace and space into your life, not planning, just allowing and accepting. The quote and video are both so beautiful. Thank you. Travel where your heart takes you.
    I believe in signs leading us. I once read that synchronicity is 1000's of unseen hands leading us to a certain point.

  5. Linda, I've been trying to get better at listening. This is good practice.

    Manzanita, It feels like I am learning to fly longer distances, metaphorically speaking. It feels better than many other road trips, a better "map."

    Lynn, You really need to plan a road trip... Spring?

    Marilyn, I love that definition of synchronicity. Listening and allowing myself to be led is a big part of this trip, this time in my life. It seems signs are everywhere, once we start paying attention. Thanks for your comments.

    Kate, Thank You!

  6. 'Metaphors and messages, listening and being.' I like the feeling provided in your post of being receptive and open to daily life.

  7. How beautiful. I watched the video on YouTube and the comment by the person who posted it is beautiful, too. Never saw the movie.

    I think you are the little girl and we're the geese. :-)

  8. And I think you are very kind and generous. I can only hope that at least some of my words feel right to others and that maybe, just maybe, they lead to something that matters. Thank you, Cheryl.