Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Queen of Birdland


"Earthships - independent vessels - to set sail on the seas of Tomorrow."  Michael Reynolds, progenitor of the Earthship

The price of homes here in Birdland is quite reasonable. The one above is a prototype for all things earth-homey and now resides in a corner of The Cabin Addition. Several dwellings exist on this moderately developed piece of land. I did a little walk-around to check it out the other night and found a couple I didn't even know existed. All manner of architectural elements and materials have been employed, so it looks rather like a settlement of Earthships. They each come with a lot of land and/or air space. Real estate.

Here's another view of the little stone cottage. Lovely setting amongst the perennial garden. Has a bit of a lean, but it's currently occupied by a very happy, but very protective, mother wren:

The speckle-ware wash basin, my personal favorite. Roomy, with additional egress.

Hobbit house with thatched roof. Frodo needs to do some repairs, but is off on a mission with that damn ring.

Ultra-contemporary lines, with the appropriate eco-green. Good location. It sits in wine country, next to the grape arbor.

A Swiss Family Robinson tree house made from some type of rope. Perhaps in the future these will be made from hemp. It, too, is occupied.

Very Northwoodsy. It sits atop the clothesline. Even comes with its own little birdhouse. It needs a little work, but the price is definitely right:

Utilitarian, at best. A bit of a fixer-upper. In Santa Fe it would be advertised as "charming." My maternal grandparents had a lovely yellow house. I like the color:

Little White Church in the Wildwood. Unused churches have huge potential. Unused churches: Is that a good thing, or a bad thing?  Mmmm. You look, while I think:

The Coffee Can. Reminiscent of  abstract expressionist Robert Motherwell's Quonset Hut house/studio he once had on Long Island. Motherwell made quite a splash in the art world. Actress/model Lauren Hutton owns three Quonset Huts, on the mesa west of Taos. You can see them shining in the sun when you take the rim road from Carson into town. This one comes with greenery:

And, here is the Queen of Birdland. She has been steadfastly attending to her children all summer. She did not want to sit still for her picture, but I wanted to honor her deeply nurturing ways.

And, here is my own little nest, currently being feathered, and plans for refurbishment being made.


  1. Hej Teresa! I have never seen such various bird-homes- and then in the same neighbourhood. They are really fine.

  2. Your place (nest) is beautiful...love all the bird houses. Mine are all on my covered, enclosed deck...guess I could call it a gated community??? ha ha ha

  3. What a great theme! Loved seeing all of the houses...great variety. Have been in Santa Fe the past two weeks and think of you often.

  4. Hej Grethe! Yeah, they dress up the 'hood.

    Lynn: So nice to hear from you! Gated community! As the kids say: Bwwwaaaahhhh. I think that's a strong chortle.

    Kate! Hi there! I read your posts from SF. I hope to be there in the fall for a couple of weeks, after the lawn doesn't need mowing and the veggies are done. I miss it. Guadalupe Street beckons... "blue skies, nothin' but blue skies..."

  5. Love all the bird houses (homes) and the last little bird, so sweet, reminds me of a bird I rescued when it hit the window. do you know what type of bird it is? remodeling is overreated save your money for repairs which are sure to come if your home is anything like ours is becoming.

  6. Usually, her tail is straight up, wren fashion, so I believe that's what she is. Images online seem to confirm it. I have, thus far, two projects in mind: New basement steps, which are too narrow, and to take down the wall between kitchen and living room, opening it up. I love open living spaces. I also hope to add more insulation and, eventually, photovoltaic panels. I'd like to become more self-reliant. Time and $$$ will tell...

  7. I LOVE birdhouses! These are just delightful, thank you so much for sharing them! I have a wren in my yard, too (I THINK that's what you little mommy is, is she not?). She wakes us up every morning with her song, and has raised two complete families in the two summers we've lived here! So tiny, yet so much spunk!!

    Your nest is adorable as well! Gorgeous work!

  8. Hey girl! Yes, I believe she's a wren, and very spunky. She does not like me in her territory, but I talk to her and reassure her of my good intentions. Thanks for visiting.

  9. So, all these houses were just there on the property? How magical! I did a totem reading for a friend recently and she chose the Wren as her Right side, warrior totem. This is Wren's medicine:

    "Wren- Consider yourself fortunate if Wren has graced your garden, for its melodious, bubbling song is one of the most beautiful there is. Wren is very energetic and can be extremely pugnacious. Its little bobbing movements when it chirps and sings are an expression of the joy of life, but his medicine brings with it a little ferocity as well. Wren won’t hesitate to dive-bomb intruders encroaching upon its territory. Wren was a very sacred bird to the Celtic Druids. They practiced a kind of divination from its musical notes. On the Isle of Man, the wren was a sacred bird well before the arrival of the Christians, while the people of Devonshire still call it Bran’s sparrow, signifying its ancient connection with prophecy and the deity Bran who prophesied. Wren is considered a messenger from the gods. His medicine is resourcefulness, living life to the fullest, and being able to protect yourself when necessary."

    And Teresa, if you're going to be in Santa Fe in the fall, I would LOVE to drive down and meet you. Might you have time for a visit?

  10. Kristy: I have discovered there are at least two wrens living in or near my flower garden. Whenever I go outside now, they seem to be everywhere, vociferous little things, but I think they've come to accept me. Thank you for sharing the Wren medicine. I like that last phrase. And, yes, I absolutely will make time when I come down. I will keep you posted on the dates. I think it would be a great gift to have a visit.

  11. Oh, and yes, the bird houses were all here when I bought it. It really is a magical place. Besides the variety of birds and the bear, I saw a fox running from the old coop last week. And, of course, the deer.

  12. Some nice nests here.
    We are excited about the nest here at home in which there are 3 eggs.
    Mr & Mrs Robin is going about their daily routine to hatch them.

  13. Hi Joe! So nice to hear from you again. I trust all is well in your corner of the world. I love the color of the robin's eggs. Happy Bird Watching!