Tuesday, November 16, 2010

From Evening to Morning at Lonewolf

This morning, I woke up to a lovely message from Grethe, in Denmark, also known as Thyra, here in our blogging community. She shared in her comments a small video excerpt from the movie, "Bambi," accompanied by a "winter song" sung by a Norwegian singer living in Denmark. She even included her own translation of the first verse for which I'm very grateful.  I love how we are all connected. Her translation speaks right to the heart of my previous post, "What Peace Feels Like."

I remember watching "Bambi" at the Marlowe Theater when I was very young. I was sitting with my cousins, and with the news of Bambi's mother being shot tears welled up. I'm pretty sure they spilled over, too. My cousin, Mark, asked me if I was crying. Well, of course I was. Silly boy. I think he just wanted permission to do so also. We both quietly let the tears flow down our cheeks.

Here is Grethe's translation of the first verse in this video:

"There is nothing in the world as quiet as snow
while it softly through the air is falling
softens all your steps
shushing, shushing sounds
of the voices
speaking all too loudly."

I love the notion of softening our steps. It can apply in so many instances to how we walk here on the earth, as well as how we respond to others.

I try to quiet  "the voices speaking all too loudly," the ones from the world and those that sometimes seem to take up residence in my head. If I don't they'll take over and nothing good can come of it. I'm learning to let go and simply surrender them back to the nothingness they come from, knowing they're not my true voice, the voice of my higher self, the one that brings me that oh-so-essential inner peace.

Hearing the song being sung in another language really appeals to me. It crosses any and all barriers to love. Thank you, Grethe, for this video and for your lovely translation. I found it interesting that the production company, which has a very brief introduction to the excerpt, is "Singing Wolf."  I named my place, through dream guidance, Lonewolf. One word indicating no separation. We are one.


I took the photographs during my evening walk around Lonewolf.


  1. Yes, oh, but yes we are one! And I totally love how Grethe brings us together. She's a treasure!!

    And, people can fuss all they want, but I simply can't eat venison. Just can't. I mean, NOOOOO! It's Bambi!

  2. The leaves still splendid with color gallantly support a sprinkle of snow. These photos are so simple, yet the most magnificient I've seen in a long time. You have a great eye for photos. Is that windmill in working order (doesn't appear so) or could it be put back in use again? I think wind power is so great an energy. There was always a windmill on my Grandfather's farm. I never appreciated what we had because I never hand an inkling anything would ever change. Last night, Marilyn and I acknowledged that our way of life was over. Very sad thought .... for us.

  3. Kittie, One of these days I'll write about my family history with deer/venison, but it's all become so politicized that I will want to offer my thoughts without doing so. Hopefully. :) But, yes, Bambi. :(

    Manzanita, Thank you for your kind words about my photos. I have so much to learn still, but I have fun trying. Re: the windmill - It's an illusion. Just a small garden windmill that I now use for beans. It makes a great climbing place for the vines. I wish I had the real thing. Perhaps one day....

    I do believe many folks are trying to re-establish that way of life, a life that looks to the land for nourishment. You are a source of inspiration to me in food choices. So, I thank you.

  4. Hi, this picturea are reallybeautiful, i really liked! great compositions..

  5. Dejemonos, Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a kind comment. I visited you blog, just now, and your own photos are so fine! I aspire to your ability! The amapolis photos are exquisite. Again, Thank You.

  6. Ooh gosh...beautiful pics! Very serene. I really like the name of your place. Really a good name...it fits.

  7. Hej Teresa, thank you for mentioning this video and song, this is my favorite Danish winter-song, and it came at once to my mind, when I read your tender words about the snow. The video is so sweet with dear little Bambi, and we might fill the Atlantic Ocean with our tears for Bambi from back then, when we were sitting in the darkness of the "movie-theatre"! I love the early Disney-films.

    But the English grammar is killing me with this ing-form! There are lots of errors in everything I write, and I can see some in the verse now, but I'll have to go on! I wish you would remove the ing-form from the English language! `)

    I love the word Lonewolf. A strong word. Says much. You can be a Lonewolf inside without being a Lonewolf socially.

    Cheers and thank you
    Grethe ´)

  8. Thanks, Lynn. I have so often been referred to as a lone wolf, but when it came to me in this dream/vision, I resisted at first, because, as the Hopi say, "The time for the lone wolf is over...gather yourselves..." When it was clear that it was one word, and after noticing that dropping the L states 'onewolf,' I dropped my resistance and so it is. :)

    Grethe, I'm so glad you like the post. I fear I won't have much influence when it comes to dropping the 'ing.' :)

    I like your thoughts on Lonewolf. Thank You!

  9. What a beautiful feeling I have now, been rushing around in what Gary calls my manic state filling the kiln and now I am much calmer, lovely photos, the light is so serene.

  10. Thank you, Linda. I'm glad it brought you a bit of serenity. Have a great day!

  11. Lonewolf. I know that name will endure. I've been looking at your snow pictures and still am envious, in a good way. I read that Minnesota still has wolves in the far north? You have such a remarkable place of residence, Teresa. Lots of beauty and animals. I don't think you will ever grow tired of taking pictures of Lonewolf. The cycle will still turn there. You have such a rich life there on Lonewolf.

    (Jack of Sage to Meadow, http://swamericana.wordpress.com)

  12. Thank you so much, Jack. I do feel that Life has offered me a never-ending opportunity to see, and perhaps record in some fashion, all this beauty. It really is everywhere, as you know. We just have to open our eyes.

    Thank you for your thoughts on Lonewolf.

  13. yes. we speak too loudly, too much. i think you're right. it's time to listen.

  14. Hi Michelle, To Listen to that "still, small voice," is an ongoing practice for me. Always nice to hear from you. You are a beautiful conduit for that "voice."