Friday, January 1, 2010

Ode to My Two Sons, Trevor and Coleman: New Years Day 2010

I've been thinking about our future. Yours and mine. I've been hearing a lot of talk lately about what that might look like, feel like, be. Sometimes it sounds pretty scary. Other times, I cry from the depth of my being for the joy I feel about our future, ripe with amazing possibilities.

My day started with opening my Facebook to videos that had been posted by a friend; videos which speak to what visionaries are seeing as a valuable year in our evolution, our awakening. I don't want to try to convince anyone what to feel or think, I'm just sharing what spoke to me this morning, this first morning of the new year. The song,"Amazing," by One Eskimo, is worth the price of admission (see above link).

 I had interesting and incredibly gratifying conversations with both of my sons on the "State of Our Union." Our union being our Oneness. Younger son, Coleman, is reading Stuart Wilde's book Infinite Self and finds it really speaks to him, as it did to me. I'm so happy for him. It's fun to find books that speak directly to us, answer our questions, illumine our understanding. He shared many intriguing ideas and insights into what he was reading and what resonated. Insights that were almost mind-boggling in their perceptiveness, their depth of understanding. Can't tell you what that meant to me.

Older son, Trevor, texted me and asked me to send positive energy to the Buckeyes this afternoon. It was a must-win, apparently. Rose Bowl, and all. He had also talked earlier about transparency, Oneness, all the really good stuff. But it was getting closer to game time and, well, priorities. This man has spiritual gifts that make me weep with gratitude for having him in my life, as my friend and as my son. Both of my sons have come out with thoughts, ideas that knock my socks off and I cannot tell you how happy I am for them, to understand so much at a young age and to be able to go into the future well-armed, well-prepared for the adventure that awaits.

So, when people talk about our future, I Know that no matter what happens, no matter what challenges we might have to face, no matter what calamity might befall us, as a people, as a nation, as a world, we have a fabulous future. How do I know this?  Because my two sons are in it.


  1. Trevor and Coleman are two beautiful sons with a beautiful mom...and, yep, the sun will shine tomorrow and tomorrow and we'll smile together into the future...because sons like yours will step up to the plate!

  2. You sound so warm. You and your sons are fascinating people.