Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm a Winslow Homer Groupie

I've got it bad. And that ain't good. A while back I said if Winslow Homer were alive today, I fear I'd be a groupie. I think I meant it. My God, that man could paint.

I've spent the last hour lost in cyberspace, pouring over images of his paintings on a new website I found just this afternoon. I thought I'd died and went to heaven. They are everything good about American painting. I may be prejudiced, but I know what moves me and his stuff moves me like no other.

I'm going to be posting a singular painting from time to time, much like I do on my sidebar. They will be chosen simply by what strikes me in that moment, that day. Like visual poems. Some poems are written and some are painted. It is, after all, National Poetry Month.

I should probably tell you, they might continue after April.

Up to now, you've been very patient regarding my obsession and I appreciate it very much. Please do me the kindness of pretending I'm not an addict and that no intervention will be necessary.

"Girl Seated"

Remember to click on the image and view it larger, she said, rather obsessively.


  1. I think I have found a new love as well...and I'm looking forward to seeing more of dear Winslow's work. Love the soft colors on this one, and the look on her face...makes me wonder what the paper in her hand said.

  2. Lovely, Teresa! You just go right ahead and indulge your obsession, because it makes me more aware of things...

  3. I can see why you love his art. This painting is like a gentle melody to me.

  4. Ooh wow! Thanks for introducing this fine artist to me. I googled some of his other work and am highly impressed. Think I love the water color piece best...just cause. His paintings capture the feel or "a gentleness" of the times, something that photos often miss. There is a simplicity, which I love. I tend to lean toward pics that have a story to tell and it's up to the viewer (me) to figure it out. Great post and look forward to more...Thanks Teresa!!!

  5. Teresa, when you name a kid, "Winslow", you've pretty much assured he'll be an artistic genius.

  6. MG, Yes, dear Winslow. Sigh.

    DJan, Oh thank you. I'm glad my obsession works for you, too. :)

    Marilyn, A visual poem, a melody, that's what a really good painting does. It brings up these thoughts.

    Lynn, I agree. A good painting has within it a story that the viewer can bring to it based on their own emotions and experiences. And you're Welcome! The pleasure was all mine... :)

    Cletis, Don't be dissing my Winslow. LOL. Yes, his name might have nudged him in that direction. Or he had prescient parents who Knew... :)

  7. Teresa : Homer was a fine painter as was Edward Hopper.

  8. Paul, I'm a big Edward Hopper fan, very much so, but there's something about Winslow Homer....

  9. I can think of far worse things to be addicted to. I don't think I had ever heard of Winslow Homer before, but I like what I see. You keep posting his paintings - I;ll keep coming back.

  10. That is a beautiful work of art for sure! Wonderful!

    Happy Weekend Teresa!
    xo Catherine

  11. Hey Honey,
    There is nothing wrong with an obsession and a dreamer! As well, there's nothing wrong with being a groupie...
    :) I'm trying to picture that in my head!

  12. Tracy, Me, too! Trying to picture that in my head... ;)

    Betty, Oh goodie, another person who understands my, uh, strong interest.

  13. Thanks, Linda. I could do worse. Have. ;)

  14. I like Homer's "Gulfstream" a lot.

  15. Floating on that boat
    Driven by big, scary waves,
    Hope receding fast.

    (To Winslow Homer)

  16. Paul, Winslow Homer is best known for his maritime paintings, but those sharks are freaky. :) He certainly did know how to depict those boat scenes.

    Homer and haiku is a nice, interesting combo.

  17. A farmous Broadway show tune comes to mind, "I'm in love, I'm in love...." I can imagine you twirling in your back 40 as happy as well, the Fourth of July.

    I'm not all that familiar with Winslow but enough to have wondered what the letter held. There's a slight rednss in her eyes that indicates she's read the letter before and cried.

    Yes, you're indulged. And thank you for being patient with me. This is the first opportunity I've had to kick back and relax with your posts. I savor each one.

  18. Kittie, I love that red wax seal, the story untold, all the feelings portrayed so simply. It's so nice to feel the passion of art. It makes all of life that much better. Thanks, Kittie.