Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Basking in the Goodness That's Life

From the kitchen table, I can see Buddy's sweet little face, his chin resting on the arm of the couch where he lies. He's looking out the window, drifting in and out of sleep. For a moment, I wonder what he wonders. Does he have any need or desire to look beyond this perfect moment?  Or, is he just basking in the goodness that's life?

We were up early this morning, around 4:30. A light rain was coming down and dripping off the eaves as I stood under them watching Buddy watch for movement in the dark beyond the gardens. One morning we startled a doe and her two fawns as they made their way through the yard, stopping to munch on some greenery still growing on a trellis at the far end. A few days earlier, she had defiantly walked right past Buddy as she retrieved her wayward youngsters who had stopped by to help themselves to a few fallen apples. Sensing an attitude, he had repaired to the porch where he quietly watched as they walked down the driveway together, one of the fawns stopping long enough to greet a rabbit by the gate. Perhaps, this morning, he is recalling that interesting things can happen when we least expect them.

Last night, while dark settled in, I left the house and walked down the road towards the cabin to watch the full moon as it rose over the neighbor's field. The sky had suggested rain earlier, but it had blown over and the moon was shining down on the leaf covered road. As I watched it rise, something written by Wendell Berry came to mind:

And the world cannot be discovered by a journey of miles, no matter how long, but only by a spiritual journey, a journey of one inch, very arduous and humbling and joyful, by which we arrive at the ground at our own feet, and learn to be at home.

My photos: The old chicken coop with attached shed and the bicycle in the fall woods, which was resting there when I arrived.


  1. And sometimes we need to go slow, think small, have modest expectations. Nice post. Thank you.

  2. Letting life happen
    As it will in it's own way,
    We follow its path.

  3. Finding home is, perhaps, one of our most difficult tasks. Not just a place to hang a hat, but rather a place where our spirit can soar, be at ease, or nestle in to rest.

  4. Lovely post, and I think we can learn a LOT from our pets. Buddy is my new guru.

    Beautiful pictures. We are sitting inside listening to the rain fall gently this morning and the pupplios are all in various poses of serenity.

  5. That's a wonderful life, Teresa.
    Nosehugs to sweet Buddy!
    Grethe `)

  6. This is a very peaceful, mindful post.Gave me time to pause and unwind. Thanks : )

  7. To Be Comfortable In Our One Inch It As Good As It Gets.

  8. I think that's why I love animals so much. They do live in the present moment--the goodness that is life. :):)

    I especially loved the bottom pic with the colorful autumn leaves.

    Funny, I was thinking today about how much I have learned about just "being" since I have been housebound these last years. I have been residing on my inch. ;)

  9. I woke to the sound of rain this morning, gentle and light drumming on the roof. And then when I left to catch the bus, it was even lighter. By the time I was heading home, blue sky was breaking through the clouds. The Wendell Berry quote is perfect for me today, too.

  10. Ahhhhh... so glad to have found you! off Good Luck Duck's comments...

    Lots of great reading to do. Rainy beautiful day here in Arkansas. Good day for a new blog ;)

  11. I drove across state today, the ride back seemed quicker.I think I paid more attention in the moonlight this morning.It is nice to be home.

  12. We could learn so much from our beautiful pets, from being in the moment to love. What I always like about your blogs is that you attach a piece of I've mentioned before, I've never been into poetry. I never saw much of a connection to life. I'm learning... Thanks!!!

  13. " . . . basking in the goodness that is life". I love that. Just the simple things that matter in the moments we hold them. That is a good Berry quote. I think I'll put it in my book of quotes that I keep.

    Your pictures, Teresa, are wonderful. I'm glad you mentioned the bicycle. I could just barely see it, then blew it up, and there it is. A wonderful photo that takes on the feel of a painting. Well done.

  14. Dear Teresa, this is a beautifully written posting today. You describe Buddy and the doe and fawns and the scene so gracefully and gently. Thank you.

    I find myself in such agreement with "Wild Bill" and with Wendell Berry. In May, when I began blogging, I named mine "Coming Home to Myself" because that is what has happened to me in the last two years.

    I left Minnesota, after 38 years, and came "home" to Missouri where I grew up. What I discovered was that I, myself, am home. And that wherever I live I can be and am home within myself. This sojourn in Missouri has taught me that wonderful lesson.

    Now I long to be back in Minnesota. It is there I want to be "at home."


  15. Any Buddy who gets up with you at 4:30 to share your coffee and thoughts is a true companion.

  16. I'd love to be where Wendell Barry is. At home in myself.

    Maybe this year.

  17. A Big Thank You to Everyone who has stopped by to read and taken the time to leave a comment. It's greatly appreciated. It's always fun and interesting to read your thoughts in response. I'd especially like to thank Carolyn, a new visitor. It's nice to "meet" you.

  18. When do you sleep?

    There must be a lot I miss because mornings are not for me.

  19. Teresa I ask
    Do you have Buddha knowledge ?
    Is it within you ?

  20. You get up really early, I love early mornings the best! I think I've mentioned before to you just how wonderful I think it must be to walk out and to see deer in your garden. I envy your nearness to nature, and I love your writing Teresa!

    I didn't notice the bicycle until you mentioned it...the owner searching for mushrooms perhaps? Stunning photo's!

    Hope your week-ends is great.

    Hugs to you, J x

  21. Thank you, Friko, Paul, and Jane,

    Yes, mushroom picking... :) Thank you! The wind has taken most of the leaves down now.

    BTW: I'm not always up that early, but I am an early riser. I love mornings.

    Paul, I glean from many spiritual ideas. I Know what speaks to me.

  22. Learning to stay in one place can be "The Journey".
    And watching animals is how we learn multitudes about our place in this world.
    Lovely post...

  23. Hi Connie, Yes, it certainly can, and Animals do make great teachers.
    Thank you.

  24. beautiful.
    this touched me in ways I'm still exploring.

    we're blessed to have this life, aren't we?

  25. Yes, we are, Akannie. So many wonderful ideas and places to explore. Endless.

  26. ~~~Learning to stay in one place can be "The Journey".
    And watching animals is how we learn multitudes about our place in this world.~~~

    Love that Farmlady ;) .... exactly!

    Teresa, you have great readers!