Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Great Bear Guides Me

A few nights ago, unable to sleep, I decided to get up and try to shake off the turmoil that seemed to be clamoring for attention. As I walked through the house, on my way to the kitchen for a drink of water, I paused at the living room window and looked out at the night sky. I saw the Big Dipper cradled between the trees lining the driveway. And I remembered the very first time I saw it.

I must have been about five. I'm standing outside, at the corner of our house - it's summer or early fall - when someone -  my dad, a sibling, a cousin -  points it out to me, tracing it with their finger. I have trouble seeing it, seeing what he's pointing to. It takes time for my small eyes to connect the dots. But when I do, in that moment, life changes. The world becomes a world of wonder. I don't just feel it anymore, I see it;  I see possibilities, patterns, the beginning of interconnectedness, a pivotal moment in my life.

Throughout my life, when struggling with some issue, trying to get a handle on its emotional vagaries, I have felt led to step outside and look up at the night sky, to stand there until I feel calm and connected. Last summer, when I first returned to Minnesota, I stayed for a while at a friends home, a home which consists of two geodesic domes side-by-side. It was a wonderful place to get my bearings (Second pun. Is someone keeping track?) and to await further direction for my life. One night, unable to sleep, I walked downstairs, went outside, and stood on the deck. My eyes landed on a bright light off to my left in the night sky, which I lingered on for a long moment. I then traced with my eyes other bright lights in the night sky, one after another across the bowl of purple night, and then I stood in silence for a minute, grateful for the peace that had descended on me. As I turned to go back inside, I looked up once again, and there, resting between the two domes, was the Big Dipper.

On this recent night, I felt a nudge, calling me to go outside. I listened, walked out into the night air and stood barefoot on the grass; a warm breeze was blowing, the Big Dipper, settling between the trees, offered silence. Having looked at the clock just before stepping outside, I knew it was just after midnight. I felt another nudge, asking me to look over my left shoulder. And there it was.

My wash. I had forgotten about it and left it out on the line.

So, around midnight, I'm out under the stars, taking my clothes off the line, the Big Dipper, over my right shoulder, keeping me company. Life fell into place, my mind fell into silence, my heart fell into gratitude.

As I walked back to the house, my arms full of clothes, I breathed deeply the fresh air that filled them with the innate goodness of simplicity. In the kitchen, I stopped at the sink to get a drink of water, then went back to bed. The breeze coming through my window softly moved the curtains as I fell into a deep peace; the Great Bear, once again,  had shown me the way.

The Big Dipper is in the Great Bear constellation, which resides in Galaxy M101, pictured here. The Universe continually fills me with wonder.


  1. the Big Dipper, over my right shoulder, keeping me company. Life fell into place, my mind fell into silence, my heart fell into gratitude.

    And your friends are twinkling like the stars that keep the Big Dipper company, for we've all been there and share in your happiness at feeling the mind's silence.

    A beautiful post, ya!

  2. Teresa, your writing just gets better and more seasoned with each post. I love your view of our world and how you try to connect with it. Keep up the great writing!

  3. The peacefulness of the sky, you put into words so beautifully what I have felt standing in the night.

  4. A beautiful post. There's nothing prettier than the sky on a clear night with a gazillion stars. It's hard to tear your eyes away! I'm so glad you found it calming and peaceful.

    And I could totally smell the freshness of the, THAT's a great smell!

  5. Lovely post, as usual.

    Three years ago Art and I were in Maine on a schooner cruise. One night we were becalmed, so the captain lowered the yawlboat to tow us into a little cove. I looked up at the mast as it moved slowly through the constellations in the night. Awesome! At home, we're too close to the city to see.

  6. Thank you, ladies, for taking the time to read my post and for being so supportive. It means a lot to me. Teresa

  7. The wonders of the Universe..... always 'do it' for me too.
    The universe, Mother Earth in it, they just 'are'... they never worry, fuss or have a discussion about something. They are able to just be what they are and move on with whatever comes.
    I'm not there yet but looking at the sky at night, or the fog in the morning surely helps with finding that peaceful place inside doesn't it?

    Love your posts, haven't commented on every one but read them al with so much pleasure! Have you ever considered writing a book?
    You are so good at putting your thoughts into words!
    I'm always looking forward to the new post! :-)

  8. This was a wonderful post...Thank you...!!!

  9. Lynne and Monique, thank you both for your comments.

    re: writing a book: I am just remaining open to what the Universe reveals to me, as it unfolds. Thank you, though, for thinking that I could do that!

  10. Beautiful Teresa. I love it that we're all plugged into the same power source and that some of us are in contact with each other enjoying each other's splendiferous experiences. (Okay- I have no idea if splendiferous is actually a word, but damned if I was going to take the time to look it up... Right now, I'm in my spirit- not my mind- LOL) Love you Teresa. And I finally have my blog roll up on my new blog so I can keep constant track of your healing words.

  11. I love, love, LOVE waiting for the word verification whenever I comment on a post of yours because it is nearly ALWAYS synchronous to your writing. Remember that one time you wrote about Chaco Canyon and my verification was CHAKO?! Well, this time it was UNVSE... UNIVERSE! We are SO connected! Blows me away!

  12. Hi Kristy! Yes, I do remember the Chaco WV. I, too, Love the affirmations we receive around our connection. It makes life that much sweeter. BTW: Your post today is so right on. Love you, too!

  13. I have always marveled at the beauty of the unplumbed space across the sky, and night has always been the moment that chains 'me' with the universe. The grandeur of this creation gives me a sense of fulfillment and oneness with everything around. This writing relates well to my being. I guess, wonders never cease in this blog:).

  14. As have I. I feel a deep connection with all the cosmos when I step out into the night and see the sky above me.

    Thank you. It's nice to read your comments. I deeply appreciate your taking the time to read these earlier posts and leave a response. It's good to find others who also feel the Oneness of everything.