Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You Can't Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd

Here are some other things I have learned in the last twenty-four hours:

Always look around the basement or the shed before going to town to buy something. Almost without exception, everything I need, like oscillating sprinkler heads, is already here. It seems I just need to Look. And Listen.

Those blue gardening shoes, a generic version of Crocs, which I found on the porch when I moved in and swore I wouldn't be caught dead in? They are my new best friends.

Always know where your garden hose is before starting to mow. No, I didn't, but I came mighty close.

The delphiniums are in bloom and the exact same color as my garden shoes.

Lost bungee cord for mower's grass-catching bins (If there's a fancy name for them, I don't know it yet) must be replaced. They tend to want to jump off and lay in the grass, about fifty feet from wherever I happen to be. Bungee cords in basement? Oh yeah, they're there.

Squirrels like cracked corn and sunflower seeds. Very much. Must buy new bird feeder, new bird seed,  squirrel-proof. They're acting like they own the place. The mama wrens are not happy. A friend has suggested some possibilities, but admits there are few truly squirrel proof bird feeders. Apparently, there's a motorized version that's supposed to spin when squirrels jump on, thereby thwarting their eating efforts. He says, "I've seen footage of squirrels riding them like they're on a carnival ride."

Cancel any plans for joining a gym. Not that I was seriously considering this. I have a new plan. Doesn't cost a thing. It's called Teresa's Tan and Tone.  BTW: a farmer's tan happens fast.

Oscillating sprinklers wait for no man. Or woman. Running through the sprinkler is still fun.

Always wash off my feet at the outdoor spigot before going in the house.

It's good to have a mud room, with a washer and dryer next to it.

Along with the Norway pines in my yard, there's a majestic looking grove on the back of my land. Next to them, inside the grove of plantation pine, is a small grassy meadow. Two deer have bedded down there recently. And, the bluebells are in bloom.

I love the smell of freshly mowed hay and, what I call, buffalo bales. Despite their newness, they look solid and true. Like they've roamed there a long time. Actually, I've known I love freshly mowed hay for a long time. It was nice to have my neighbor's reminder, though. And, I'm sure glad I don't have to do that ever again. Baling and stacking hay bales (the old-fashioned square ones). It's hard work, ingrained in my ten-year old mind, never to leave.

I'm going to call it a night. Listen to some music.  Maybe the title song, by Roger Miller. Here it is, from the very first season of The Muppet Show, with the Whatnots, of the Gogolala Jubilee Jugband:


  1. Oh my, you seem to have enough work to keep several people tanned and toned. Funny how quickly the merits of something like gardening shoes become obvious when you really need them!

  2. Yes, exactly. They do come in handy.

  3. Now this is a field log with humorous commentary. Ah, sun-tanned lass with the blue funky shoes has many chores. Mowing is such a never-ending task it seems. Good that you have a basement. And, yes, looking around for something you already have that you can use -- frugal and pragmatic. I'm trying to do more of that. Nearing retirement, budget-cutting, we are trying to make-do with what we have. Gym? You don't need no stinkin' gym now. Wow, what a place you have. (Jack Matthews, Sage to Meadow)

  4. Hey Jack! I can say this. I am never bored!

  5. You are too funny. The image of a squirrel riding a motorized bird feeder made me LOL. We have 2 new bird feeders in the backyard and so far, the squirrels haven't found them.

  6. Yeah, good luck with that. Actually, I will think positive...'cause they quickly become a pain in the keister. Thanks for stopping by... Have a great 4th weekend! Any new Friday music?

  7. I put chicken wire around the post of my last bird feeders and stationed them away from trees. they still got what dropped, but that was ok. blue suede shoes; those delphiniums are wonderful. what a magical place you have.

  8. Hi Linda! Thanks! I have the nearness of the trees to contend with, but my new plan of attack is a more freestanding, middle of the yard, but near the perennial bed, feeder. We shall see what new maneuverings they attempt. I'm thinking a metal pole greased with organic oil... If it works,I will dance around it to the tune of "Blue Suede Shoes." :)

  9. Squirrels are SOOOOO bossy! I take a butter knife and bang it against the window when I see them at the feeders and they dash away like they were shot...then, 20 minutes later the little devils are back. It's never ending.

    It sounds like you are making great strides and discovering something new every day. Excellent.

  10. I'm still working on a solution around bird feeders... and, yes, something new every day...interesting and fun, on the days I don't let myself get overwhelmed : ) Thanks for visiting...