Thursday, June 3, 2010

Resistance is Futile

A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you my love of Russel Wright designs, "Living in Harmony with Nature," in which he would bring the outdoors into his living spaces. He designed some pretty nice dinnerware which caught my eye, as well. Perhaps you remember that I said I might be able to justify a small plate. A, being the key word. Well, Memorial Day I went to see friends I hadn't seen in many years,  friends who own an antique store about forty-five minutes away.

Pat's Place is a wonderful shop with all manner of collectibles. Before I go any further, let me just state that I did not go over to visit them with Russel on my mind. I had almost forgotten my covetessness for all things Russel Wright. Almost. Anyway, I showed up, we were busy catching up - where I'd been, which friends were where, sharing names of writers and book titles, the state of the union - when Russel popped into my mind. And that's when the trouble began.

Pat not only had heard of him, but led me over to his collection of original pieces, with Russel Wright's signature impressed into the clay on the bottom of each. The real deal. Pat quietly moved away while I dove deep into picking my favorites, silently doing the math, and working out the justification in my mind. He had a small dessert plate, sort of a speckled salmon color, edged in cream. It was yummy. There was just one small problem. It had four siblings. You see, this is the reason I don't have a dog. I could never pick just one. Or even two. I would have to go home with the entire litter. Which is pretty much what happened here. I told myself I was not splurging on the pink dinner plates, or any of the other pieces...these were just five little dessert plates...the price was right...

Here they are.

I can resist anything but temptation.

Pat's Place. Motley. Really. In case you're ever in the neighborhood. Just stay away from the Wright stuff.


  1. Well, now, I know just where Motley is and one of these days maybe I'll meander over there. Those are very pretty plates and you'll be glad you got four of them, I'll bet. I know just what you mean about temptation...

  2. Very pretty indeed. Sometimes you just have to go for it. I think you made a wise decision. What's for dessert?

  3. A super decision! You'd have kicked yourself forever if you'd bought just one plate. And they are truly beautiful. The Brits have an expression that I occasionally use when temptation gets in the way: Ignore the expense and give the cat a goldfish (with apologies to the goldfish, of course:)

  4. They're wonderful. You know, I've loved items and decided for some reason to be cheap with myself. I normally regret it and end up having to pay freight in order to get them...anyway, you'll be glad you got them. I know I would.

  5. I think a splurge now and then is a treat. And every time you see those plates you'll remember where you found them, and what fun it was being tempted.

  6. "...what fun it was being tempted." I like that. Yes, it will be nice to remember...

    Thank you all for making me feel so good about my purchase. Good fun.

    Mark, so many desserts, so little time...

  7. I so agree with you. A few years ago (well more than a few) I was dating a beautiful gal who lived in South Minneapolis. She invited me to her apt. for dinner. After dinner I asked, "What's for dessert?" Without skipping a beat she said, "Me."

  8. Yeah, other women are always stealing my lines...