Friday, December 11, 2009

To the Coen Brothers: You Can't Be Serious.

Remember when I said in my profile for Bloggerville that I liked "anything by the Coen Brothers?" Well. I lied. Have you seen their new one? "A Serious Man?" Seriously. WTF? I have never been so seriously bored. In My Life. I really wanted to like it, too. I mean, the Coen Brothers. Come on, Bro's. What were you thinking? I can go with the avant-garde flow as well as the next cineaste, but this taxed my ability to even try to "get it." No can do.

I've been with you through thick and thin. Thick being "No Country for Old Men." I still think it has metaphysical undertones that make it the classic movie it is. Thin being, well, "A Serious Man." Very thin. We're talkin' hairline fracture. There will be those who will say that I "just don't get it." And I will say... well, I'll say, 'I think I do. I get that there's nothing to get.' I can't go with the conspiracy theory, that this is a really big joke on your movie-going public, which would be a bad move. The other possibility is, you mean it, which would be a bad move.

I wait for your movies. And this is it? The best moment in "A Serious Man," was at the end, when a tornado was bearing down on the high school. I thought, 'Yes! Yes! Something is finally happening!' Please don't make me wait for a year or two for you to redeem yourselves. Please find something really kick-ass to do. Soon. Because I'm waiting already. Life's short. Film now.

P.S. I just had this thought: What if that's exactly the reaction they were looking for? What if the plan was to bore us stiff for two hours, so that when the tornado showed up, we'd be as glad as those equally-bored middle-America suburban teen-agers were in the film? It's all about the boredom of suburbia! Good grief. Two years is a long time.

P.P.S. I almost forgot. There was one other good thing about the movie. Adam Arkin. I met him when he came in the art gallery in Santa Fe (yes, I'm perfectly capable of name-dropping). He is one cool dude.


  1. Do you know what's really sad...? I had no idea the Coen Brothers even had a new movie out! And they are my absolute movie-making GODS on this planet! No Country For Old Men? My favorite movie of all time, right next to Fargo. But they have made some real snorers in their day too. What was the last movie they made- the one with Brad Pitt and George Clooney... Centered around the staff at a gym... see? I can't even remember the name! It was one of the worst movies I've seen, and that's hard for me to admit, being that I worship the brothers so. Anyways, now that I know there's a new one out, I won't break my leg running to see it. Not that I'd probably have the choice. Raton NM isn't exactly the cinema capital of the world.

  2. "Burn After Reading." Brad Pitt- it's only redeeming quality. And that's stretching the concept. I also liked "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" Ain't it cool, how much we, our fellow-blogging soul sisters, have in common?