Friday, November 4, 2011

Everyone We Know

"Moonlight" by Winslow Homer

This short video was made by Miranda July, the woman who gave us, "Me and You and Everyone We Know,"  a great little independent film from 2005. If you like independent films and haven't seen it, you should. It's funny, sad, and thoughtful, with just the right amount of quirky thrown in.

In this short, John C. Reilly is conducting a "survey" and Miranda is the first person to whom he asks the question, "Are you the favorite person of anybody?"  It's a thought-provoking question with a quiet sadness to it. I found it on a blog I recently discovered, Isherwood Wildwalker's Wanderoke Musings. Wanderoke is a young widower who is putting his life back together one interesting blog post at a time. You can find him here:


  1. BOY...what a question! Sure opens the door for some heavy duty self exam no matter what your answer.

  2. I know I am my Life Partner's favorite person. He tells me so every day, and I believe him. What a thought provoking question, though.

    And I'm absolutely sure. :-)

  3. Hello Teresa:
    Oh dear, this really does give one something to think about. Serious ideas are contained here in this excellent short video.

  4. Does my dog count? If so, yes, otherwise no.

  5. I'm my pets favorite person.LOL I laughed seeing Reilly in the short,I had remembered him from Stepbrother where Will Ferrel is burying him alive and he is telling him he is going to wake the neighbors.

  6. Only the person whose favorite I am could answer that question Teresa...

  7. Dear Teresa, starting today with such a deeply philosophical question is truly waking me up! As Paul said, "only the person whose favorite I am could answer that."

    And as "Out on the Prairie indicated, I think that the three cats with whom I live consider me special--but that's not quite the same.

    I do know that years ago I lived with a cat and I was her favorite human being. After her death, she gave me a book about our relationship. It was published as "A Cat's Life: Dulcy's Story."

    This question surely is provocative. Thanks for asking it and for sharing the short clip, which was poignant in some ways.


  8. you made me be introspective today : )
    The video is sad. The person who thinks she is a favorite person at first starts to question herself. But the guy who knows he isn't, is very certain and unwavering. I think that is very interesting.
    I never thought about asking myself "Are you the favorite person of anybody". I'm sorry to say, I'm not...and I'm confident in my answer.

  9. "Friendship" is such a subjective subject........several years ago, I was on a course where they asked us to make a "Friendship map" It was sobering to see how my map has moved over the years......How fluid relationships can be ...Really, its not the very close friendships that are in doubt [...I think we can usually, accurately, work them out.....]Personally ,It's the looser/more conditional friendships that are very hard (for me at least) to be sure of.

  10. I want to thank each of you who has responded thus far. I find it interesting that, in the film, the woman says she's the favorite person of her "ex-girlfriend," and the guy who is certain he is not anyone's favorite person mentions his girlfriend in accepting the oranges. The third person, who doesn't want anything to do with the question, is unclear of the survey's motives, mentioning voting and free love. Two things he's apparently opposed to.
    It's sort of a frightening question. As ME stated, it's opened the door to some heavy duty self examination for me, as well.

  11. At the moment I suspect that I am Amy the Dog's favourite person but that is simply because there is no one else around and she wants company because it is bonfire night over here and there are fireworks going off all over the place and she is frightened.

  12. gosh, I think we all ask that question at one time or another, don't you think? I'd like to think I am to at least my husband and son, but doubt if I am to anyone else and that should be okay, right?

  13. It's more than okay, Tracy. Bob, Steve, Alan and I are counting on our dogs. :)

  14. I saw that movie. :)
    This short seemed to tell me--don't be too sure--LOL! Like you said, the one says yes and it's an ex-girlfriend and the other says no and has a girlfriend he's bringing gifts to.
    One can only speak for themselves. I have several people who are very much favored and it would be hard to pick the THE favorite because I love the others so much, too--but my son, Dagan, would end up on the top.
    But am I anybody's THE favorite? I'm not sure I've ever been. My guess would be no. Well, except for Miss Karma, if we are counting pets. And with her, I am absolutely, positively certain because she's not crazy about the rest of human kind--ROFL! ;)
    What an interesting conversation! :)

  15. Rita, You night owl you. We've decided that pets count. Definitely.

  16. I like the film. But I don't really understand what it is trying to say .....

    thought provoking...

    You always put interesting stuff on your blog, stuff that takes me outside my usual realms of thought!

  17. Hi Jenny, I'm not sure what she's trying to say, maybe she's just trying to make us think. I know from watching her film that insecurities are something she, or at least her character, deals with quite a lot. Maybe we all do to one degree or another or in some areas of life.

    Thank you!

  18. define favorite... ;)

    just now catching up with blogs... always a pleasure reading yours, Teresa.

    Can you imagine someone standing on the corner asking that question? John C. Reilly is a good actor ... interesting guy. I've seen him on various talk shows ... am always surprised.

    Have you seen the Free Hugs video? We, the people are amazing... I think so.

  19. Carolyn, Favorite: Mmmm, maybe it's indefinable.

    I find John C. Reilly to be a bit of a sad sack in his films, but a rather charming man in a quirky sort of way.

    I have seen the free hugs video. We could all use an infusion of trust.