Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hoke and Daisy: A Love Story

I was thinking today of one of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies, "Driving Miss Daisy." You probably just arrived from another galaxy if you don't know the story, so I'm not going to give a synopsis. It's the final scene. Some time has passed since Miss Daisy has seen Hoke, her former driver. He comes to visit her at the nursing home where she now resides. She does her typical gruff exterior talk and acts as though she really isn't emotionally invested in his visit. But we, the viewers, know better. We've seen their relationship evolve, despite their differences, and for that time and place they were myriad, but they formed a bond. That bond is not as tenuous as might appear. There is a depth to it that is greater than the bond many people who are members of the same family, long time friends of similar "social stations," or even married couples, ever achieve.

Hoke sits down at the table with Miss Daisy. It's Thanksgiving Day. She has a piece of pumpkin pie in front of her. She's doing her usual grumbling, that slowly softens ever so slightly. Hoke continues to show the infinite patience we have seen him have with her and her human foibles. As they quietly fall into a final acceptance of their relationship, Hoke starts feeding her Thanksgiving pie, bite by bite, patiently, graciously. And we know, that they know, their relationship is not employer and driver. It's Love, in the very best sense of that word.

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