Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My email to Abby: Looking for Love In All the Wrong Places

So, just for shits and giggles I went online to the personals to check out the prospects. The sound you just heard was a big sigh. I have no intention of spending money on this gig, but I did have pseudo-fun looking at and making fun of people's ads. I 'spose that means I have a mean streak, but, hey, girls just wanna have fu-un.

So, my report:
Russ looked like Stephen Hawking sans the wheelchair
Rob was dressed like Custer at a gay re-enactment village
Sean IS gay, but doesn't know it yet
Courtney used his prisoner intake photo I think
John had more jowl than face
James has definitely trans-gendered (I wonder how Chastity's doing...)
Sparky........'nuff said

Then there are the red flags just in the opening blurb: "I love all people even if they did me wrong." And the one who is interested in "deap sea fishing." uhuh.

So, you see what I'm up against, or have no intention of going up against, shall we say...

That's my report.

and it ain't pretty

It may not seem so every day, but, honey, you scored I'm Gassy

Hope your day was good
I Love ya,


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